The newest drone in development; Aurelia Q1 VTOL

Aurelia VTOL heliplatform

The newest drone in development; Aurelia Q1 VTOL

Aurelia Aerospace has always had the desire to develop the best drones in their niche. From multicopter drones to fixed-wing drones, we have always been developing internally and partnering with other UAV manufacturers and parts suppliers.

The current fully self-designed and custom-built drone, hardware and components, is the Aurelia Q1 VTOL. It’s the first VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) made by Aurelia Aerospace and still a product in development. Our engineers are working diligently to create this next-generation and the future of drones for our customers. 

We have received a lot of interest from previous customers, that have signed up to be on the hotlist and get noticed when the product is ready to be sold. 

Do you already want to receive an insight into the VTOL product specifications or how it could be a great fit for your business and operations, please reach out to us.

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