Aurelia’s Top Drones for heavy payload lifting

Heliport Aurelia X6 Pro

Aurelia’s Top Drones for heavy payload lifting

Many businesses these days are using drones for photography and filmmaking, surveillance, research, maintenance, agricultural purposes, and development. A drone can operate fully or partially autonomously, take shots where you won’t be able to get.

Another aspect is that drones need to be able to do some serious heavy lifting. Drones that can carry a gimbal with a camera started the drone boom, however, these days businesses require more advanced systems that the drone can carry. A drop mechanism that can drop a package in a location, a sprayer system under a drone, or just a waterproof drone that can operate in rainy conditions, that you can see in the video.

Aurelia Aerospace has developed 3 drones that can do the heavy lifting for you. For customers that are unaware of what kind of drone they are looking for, there is a short quiz that will guide customers to the drone that’s the closest to their needs. Curious what’s in it for you? Do the ‘Find the right Aurelia drone’ quiz here.

The Aurelia X6 series can lift up to 5 kg (11 lb) with a flight time of up to 50 minutes

Aurelia’s flagship, the Aurelia X6 Pro, is the one with the most advanced features out there. With a GPS accuracy of up to 1 cm, a flight time of up to 50 minutes, and video transmission of up to 20 kilometers, it has all the specifications that you would need to hang a payload of up to 5 kg on your drone.

The Aurelia X6 Standard can lift the same capacity as the Aurelia X6 Pro but has a reduced flight time, accuracy, and range for your flight experience.

Does your business or operation require different specifications, such as the use of different components? Aurelia Aerospace can help you out and make a custom solution to give your ideas flight.

Aurelia X6 Standard
Aurelia X6 Pro

The Aurelia X8 series can lift up to 8 kg (17 lb)

The Aurelia X8 Ready To Fly Drone is a drone for those who are looking to take the best aerial shots, with a more advanced DSLR, that it could lift thanks to its payload capacity of up to 8 kg.

It often seems to be that most businesses are better off buying a drone from the Aurelia X6 series. The more payload capacity a drone has, the heavier the drone will be, which also can and will reduce effective flight time.

Do you have a question in regards to your project, or are you just curious which drone is the best fit for you? You can always reach out to one of our drone specialists, using the chat function which you can find by clicking on ‘Help’ in the bottom corner of your screen.

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