Some of our Projects

One of our projects in Africa assisting with medical deliveries by drone. In this project we worked with UAV Systems International and the Government of Sierra Leone to develop a solution for medical deliveries at West Africa’s first drone port.

In this project Aurelia Aerospace developed a modified version of our Aurelia X6 Pro designed to deliver ammo to soldiers in a battle field. With both NATO, and the client we used a solution to call the UAV’s to the specific GPS coordinates of a soldier at the tap of a button, and then release the ammo.

Product Images

Aurelia X6 Standard press

Aurelia X6 Standard UAV

Aurelia X6 Pro press

Aurelia X6 Pro UAV

Aurelia X8 Standard press

Aurelia X8 Standard UAV

Branding Files

Aurelia Aerospace logo
Aurelia Aerospace logo

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