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About Us Aurelia

Who we are

Aurelia Aerospace was founded with the goal to build heavy-lift payload drones that deliver reliability, sophistication, and performance. Whether you are looking to carry cargo, a special sensor, or something else completely, Aurelia Aerospace can give your ideas flight.

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Our Promise

At Aurelia Aerospace our desire to give customers ideas flight is a philosophy our employees and company live and breathe. As a result, if we do not believe your project will be a good fit with our platforms, we will help you find another platform from another company that may be more suitable. If you choose an Aurelia Aerospace product and despite our best efforts, we cannot give your idea flight to your satisfaction, we offer a 100% refund within the first 30 days and will also give you $100 USD towards a platform from another company, to ensure your ideas can take flight.

Giving Flight To Clients Ideas Worldwide

Ammo Drone Delivery For NATO

When NATO was looking for a solution to remotely deliver ammunition to its soldiers in the field, they turned to Aurelia Aerospace and our Aurelia X6 PRO with a custom software solution.

When the NATO soldiers in the field press a button on their hats, this sends the GPS coordinates of the soldier to a command station, which dispatches an Aurelia X6 Pro loaded with ammunition to their exact GPS coordinates. Once the Aurelia X6 Pro reaches the soldier’s location, an installed drop mechanism releases the ammunition which the soldier then picks up. This solution ensures speedy and safe support for soldiers in war zones and other critical environments.

Watch the video to see it in action.

Medical Deliveries By Drone In Africa

For Sierra Leone, the country was in recent years the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak. Fast forward to 2019, and the new government was eager to look at solutions involving technology to ensure adequate medical care can reach even the most remote parts of the country.

With Aurelia Aerospace and other industry partners, we worked to build a version of our Aurelia X6 Standard drone that could reliably transport small packages of medical goods around the country.

The Aurelia X6 Standard drone was fitted with a custom cargo bay and stationed at the first drone port in West Africa, near the city of Bo. This innovative solution has allowed the Government of Sierra Leone to dramatically improve access to medical care in remote villages across the country.

Not only did we perform our first medical delivery in Sierra Leone, but the drone port was also the location of our first flight of an Aurelia drone using 100% renewable energy. Using a battery charging station powered 100% by solar energy, the Aurelia X6 Standard UAV took flight in January 2020 for the first time powered completely by solar power.

Watch the BBC mini-documentary to learn more.

Surveying For Minerals In Northern Canada

In Northern Canada, the Aurelia X6 Pro was tasked with a mission. Fly 6 hours daily, with minimal downtime for battery swaps, all while carrying a large sensor device to detect minerals in the ground.

We worked extensively with the customer to design a mounting device for their sensor, and provide a solution that would offer the reliability and sophistication they needed.

Aurelia Aerospace UAVs are flying in countries around the world, working on projects from surveying to flying around offshore oil rigs and performing medical deliveries.

Our team of experienced engineers is excited to work on any project, big or small, as long as it is a good fit for our platforms.

US-Made Components Aurelia Aerospace

For us at Aurelia Aerospace, ensuring the next generation of UAVs is US-made is very important to us. The US-made is not just about local jobs in manufacturing and support but has effects that cascade far beyond that. Each and every UAV that Aurelia Aerospace completes comes off the production line with a US flag that represents the following,

  • Local supply chains and infrastructure
  • Good paying local jobs
  • A quality product
  • Geopolitical influence

Learn more about our commitment to US-Made Components and what it means to us at Aurelia Aerospace here.

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