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To best serve our customers, we sell all of our products through dealerships except in limited circumstances. Authorized dealers will be listed on our website, and will also display our Premium Reseller logo on their website. If a dealer is not listed on our website, they are not currently an authorized dealer of the Aurelia Aerospace brand. To be sure, you can always reach out to one of our drone specialists.

All of our resellers are held to the highest standards and have been trained extensively in our products. They are able to offer both sales guidance, and product support after you receive the drone. Product support is also available directly via Aurelia Aerospace.

We are always working hard to add more dealers worldwide to our lineup.

Are you interested in becoming a dealer yourself, please contact us!

Premium Reseller

Current Authorized Dealers


UAV Systems International Dealer Logo

Company: UAV Systems International
Phone: (+1) 855 828 4002
Primary Service Area: Worldwide


Jetset Dealer Logo - 300-140px

Company: JetsetRC
Phone: +44 (0)1744 902 042
Primary Service Area: United Kingdom
Other Areas Served: Europe /
Middle East

TRX-Works dealer

Company: TRX-Works
Phone: +44 (0) 1452 668 057
Primary Service Area: United Kingdom


Carciel UAV Japan Dealer - 300-140px

Company: Carciel
Phone: (+81) 03 6666 2078
Primary Service Area: Japan

SkyLink Aurelia Dealer Japan

Company: SkyLink
Phone: (+81) 075 708 2369
Primary Service Area: Japan

Star Vision Dealer Logo

Company: Star Vision
Phone: +852 2897 0975
+852 2897 0975
Primary Service Area Hong Kong /
Macau /
Mainland China

Wong Fong Academy Dealer

Companies: Wong Fong Academy
ADAM Highflyer (Subsidiary)
Website: Wong Fong Academy:
ADAM – Highflyer:
Phone: +65 8612 2301
Primary Service Area: Singapore

Halo Robotics Dealer Logo

Company: HALO Robotics
Phone: (+62) 811 1909 0099
Primary Service Area: Indonesia

OTC Energy Services Dealer Logo

Company: OTC Energy Services
(Under Construction)
Phone: +7 (0) 701 388 8883
+7 (0) 727 328 7676
Primary Service Area: Kazakhstan


Camzilla Australia Dealer

Company: Camzilla
Phone: +61 (0) 2 9880 9883
Primary Service Area: Australia


Flying Robot Logo

Company: Flying Robot
Phone: +27 (0) 21 879 4842
Primary Service Area: Africa

TeeKolia Imports Dealer

Company: TeeKolia Imports
Phone: (438) 985 5269
Primary Service Area: Kenya