US-Made Components

A Commitment to US-Made Components

For us at Aurelia Aerospace, ensuring the next generation of UAVs using US-Made components is very important. Each and every UAV that Aurelia Aerospace completes comes off the production line with a US flag that represents the following,

  • Local supply chains and infrastructure
  • Good paying local jobs
  • A quality product
  • Geopolitical influence

TAA Compliant

NDAA 848 Compliant

Local Supply Chains & Infrastructure

There is no incentive or reason for the manufacturing of motors to existing in the USA if there are no local manufacturing operations locally that require US-Made motors. When UAVs have extensively used US-Made Components, it creates suppliers for US customers of everything from motors, to electronics, and even things as simple as cardboard boxes. The manufacturing operation allows each of these suppliers to have a sustainable business, and in turn, create an ecosystem.

When another company, even a competitor wants to go and manufacture electronics or drones in the USA then there are local suppliers for them to work with. This local ecosystem allows manufacturing startups to form, and the U.S UAV industry along with industries that use similar electronic components to grow and thrive.

It is a major problem when the U.S Army and other U.S government institutions must source their UAVs from countries that would not be considered allies. Any future political conflicts could shut down the supply in an instant and without a local supply chain and UAV ecosystem, leaving U.S institutions vulnerable. Having a local supply chain and infrastructure to manufacture this kind of product is very important.

Good Paying Local Jobs

When we manufacture UAVs with extensively used US-Made Components, it creates good-paying local jobs. These good-paying local jobs however cascade far outside Aurelia Aerospace, and demand for jobs is created in everything from suppliers of cardboard boxes, tool suppliers, and even trucking jobs associated with the shipping and logistics of Aurelia Aerospace.

Payroll tax is deducted from all of these payrolls at every company impacted, creating a situation that benefits the communities we live and work in.

Aurelia X6 Pro

A Quality Product

Systems to ensure products are manufactured to a high quality exist widely throughout U.S manufacturing. When you purchase a product from overseas, you cannot always be sure it will be of high grade, or if the company will even be able to offer adequate support. Items like incomplete user manuals, customer and technical support that speak limited English, and limited warranties or future support are always a topic.

When you purchase a U.S-made product you can be sure it will be manufactured to high quality, complete with full documentation in English, service, and support in your timezone or very close by, and a final stamp of confidence in the form of a good warranty.

Every UAV that rolls off our assembly line get stamped with the serial number and the U.S flag. This is a symbol of quality and one we hope customers in the U.S and around the world will see as such.

Geopolitical Influence

When Aurelia Aerospace worked with the Government of Sierra Leone and UNICEF to offer a drone that could deliver medical supplies to remote communities, we were chosen from several suppliers based on our product capabilities, availability, and the budget of the government. A lot of the suppliers running against us were Chinese, and we were not aware of any other U.S suppliers in the running.

Winning the project was not just a win for Aurelia Aerospace, but also the United States as a whole. When the locals in Sierra Leone saw this new piece of technology arriving that could transform their lives and how they receive medical care, they saw it as an innovation and product from the United States. This inspires people in Sierra Leone to view the United States in a positive light and see the country as a leader in new technologies such as this. Had the Chinese companies running against us won the project, it would have completely shifted the perception of the locals to see such technology and assistance come not from the United States, but from China.