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I am your new personal assistant, Aurelia Assist! Designed to act as a virtual assistant when operating your drone, I do all the things an assistant operator would be expected to assist with.

I can manage flight logs, perform pre and post-flight checks, give product support, quickly order spare parts/accessories, produce an on-demand user manual, check local drone laws, weather forecasts, and much much more.

Best of all, your drone comes with a standard 6-month warranty.

I look forward to assisting you.


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“Record my flight at Mount Charleston, Nevada on November 10”

No more paper logbooks that get damaged, lost, or run out of pages. With Aurelia Assist you have access to a secure, digital logbook that follows your drone for its entire life. At the end of each flight easily complete the logbook, and see flight stats on your homepages such as total flights, and total flight hours. Leave any notes from the flight, and if you had any issues with the flight check the box asking us to review the flight.

If you checked the box stating you had issues during your flight, a member of our team will temporarily put your drone into “Grounded” status while reviewing the flight logs. Upon reviewing the logs remotely, our technicians will either put your drone back into “Ready To Fly” status if everything appears to be in good order or will reach out to you if they believe there are issues that must be resolved before flying again.

In addition to recording flights, the logbook also allows you to record maintenance, allowing you to keep track of all the changes that have been made to your drone over the years. With info such as how many hours have been flown, you will know exactly when it is time to replace certain parts, no more guessing.

“What is the current weather and wind direction/speed in Las Vegas?”

Safe flying starts with knowing exact weather conditions and is key knowledge for any drone operator. With Aurelia Assist we have taken the extra steps to ensure you have a comprehensive weather report available at all times. Instantly get access to a live map showing wind speed, and direction at different altitudes. Get important information such as visibility distance, sunset time, forecasted weather patterns, and cloud coverage for your exact location.

Aurelia Assist app
Aurelia Assist app

“What are the specific drone laws and flight restrictions in Las Vegas?”

Where can I fly my drone and where must I not fly? That is the question at the top of most drone pilot’s minds when planning a flight. With Aurelia Assist we have worked hard to ensure that you have access to an extensive map showing specific drone law guidelines and restrictions in your specific area. Clicking on any of the colored areas will instantly display a pop-up showing the reason for the restriction in that area, and if there are ways to get a possible exemption.

In addition, browse through our global database of drone laws by country. For those who have Aurelia Assist Silver, we offer free processing on permit applications for any country worldwide (local government fees still apply).

LTE Connectivity

With an onboard SIM card and full connectivity, diagnostics and support are easier than ever with Aurelia Assist. Our technicians can remotely diagnose any problem, all you need to do is ensure the drone is powered on.

Practice before the real action

When buying Aurelia Assist, you are also able to make use of the flight simulator that can be used on a computer. Using the flight simulator already gets you on track flying your drone, even before receiving your actual drone (the simulator cannot be used with a Herelink Ground Station).

Priority Shipping

All parts ordered via the Aurelia Assist app are immediately shipped with priority shipping to ensure as little downtime as possible. In addition, each user is given a $200 free gift to spend on parts, allowing you to instantly order spare parts with one tap.

Aurelia Assist Bronze
  • Manage flight logs
  • Manage maintenance logs
  • Pre and post-flight checklists
Aurelia Assist Offer free
Aurelia Assist Silver

Lifetime Membership

  • Flight Simulator Software*
  • Manage flight logs
  • Manage maintenance logs
  • Pre and post-flight checklists
  • Ongoing premium Skype support
  • Remote product diagnosis via LTE cellular
  • Product support in the app
  • Digital, searchable user manual
  • Spare parts and accessories available with one tap
  • $200 free gift for spare parts and accessories**
  • Free priority shipping on all spare parts/accessory purchases to limit downtime
  • View drone laws by country before you travel
  • Application fee waived for international drone permit requests
  • 50% discount on engineering modification requests
  • Extensive weather report of flying area
  • Third-party applications

* Choose to purchase the Aurelia Assist Application and flight simulator to enhance your flight preparation and experience. Aurelia Assist is not required to operate your drone.
**Has to be used in one purchase and will be deducted from the total amount of the order.

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