Extend your flight time with the newest technology; long-endurance batteries

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Extend your flight time with the newest technology; long-endurance batteries

As drone manufacturers, we are constantly seeking product improvements. We are always looking into new developments and improvements to our drone hardware, the software, and the components such as parts and accessories. All the developments and improvements done are based on the 3 company pillars: customer excellence, product reliability, and a constant improvement in flight time.

The increased flight time

Until now, we have always relied on lithium batteries to give your ideas flight. Lithium batteries have been the light and dense battery solution compared to other alternatives. The technology normally used for batteries are lithium batteries with liquid electrolyte. As you might understand, batteries never come without any risk. The current technology of using lithium batteries with liquid electrolytes could have short circuits between the electrodes or could start a fire in case the batteries are damaged.

However, as mentioned, Aurelia Aerospace is constantly improving its product and makes it now available to their customers for upgrading their drone using long-endurance batteries. The benefits of long-endurance lithium batteries are that the batteries can have twice as much energy inside a more conventional battery of the same weight. This means that your drone could fly effectively in perfect conditions twice as long.

The Aurelia X8 series can lift up to 8kg (17 lb)

As most of our customers have a lot of very advanced equipment on their drones such as sensors, cameras, a heavy payload (using for example a drop mechanism), and processors, it often reduces the flight time of the drone. The current flight time of the Aurelia X6 Standard (30 minutes), Aurelia X8 Standard (25 minutes), and Aurelia X6 Pro (50 minutes), all drones when upgraded with the long-endurance batteries could all see an average increase of 40-60% increase in flight time, depending on the setup of their drone.

The higher energy density in combination with the improved safety makes these batteries the future for our drones and the drone industry as a whole.

Curious about these long-endurance batteries and using them on your own Aurelia drone? Chat with us using the ‘Help’ function in the bottom corner of your screen or reach out to us via our contact page.

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