Newest product offers with long-endurance (LE) batteries

Newest product offers with long-endurance (LE) batteries

Aurelia Aerospace has created new product packages including the newest long-endurance batteries for an increased flight time. The 3 heavy-lift payload drones, the Aurelia X6 Standard, Aurelia X8 Standard, and the most advanced heavy-lift payload drone of Aurelia Aerospace, the Aurelia X6 Pro have now 2 product offers for each drone. For each of the named drones, you can now order a standard version or a long-endurance package.

The long-endurance packages offer now for the X6 and X8 Standard an increased flight time instead of 25 minutes, 45 minutes. The X6 Pro has an increased flight time from the standard version of 55 minutes, to 70 minutes with the long-endurance battery pack upgrade.

The product packages

Aurelia X6 Standard LE

Aurelia X6 Standard LE Standard Bundle

Starting from

$ 4,699.95

Aurelia X8 Standard LE

Aurelia X8 Standard Long-Endurance Bundle

Starting from

$ 5,899.95

Aurelia X6 Pro LE

Aurelia X6 Pro LE standard bundle

Starting from

$ 9,799.95

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