The perfect way to operate your drone and to get HD long-range video transmission to you

Herelink Ground Station Blog Post

The perfect way to operate your drone and to get HD long-range video transmission to you

Ever since the official release of the Hex Herelink in 2019, the Herelink has been the most chosen product add-on by our customers, even outpacing upgrades such as extra batteries and propellers.

The Herelink ground station is the ultimate portable ground control station for your Aurelia drone. The Android-based unit features QGC, QGroundControl software to control your drone, has a long-range HD video transmission system to be able to have your FPV onboard of your drone, and above all a full functional R/C Controller all-in-one handheld product.

Some specs

The Herelink ground control station is capable of transmitting and receiving flight data with a range of up to 20 km, can receive HD video streaming at 1080p with 60 fps from your Aurelia drone at ultra-low latency (less than 110ms). Besides, the added benefit of the Herelink system is that it supports Ardupilot and PX4 MAVlink, which are the standards used by Aurelia Aerospace for our drones.

Simplicity at the tip of your fingers

While being yourself on the ground, using the Herelink will give you the greatest control over your drone, even far beyond your own line of sight.

In case you have ordered your Aurelia drone with the Herelink ground station, everything is pre-setup for you to be able to instantly start using your drone.

In case you want to read more product-specific information about the Herelink, please read it here.

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Wondering what the added value could be for your business or operation, and how it could be implemented on your Aurelia drone, reach out to our drone specialist here.

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