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Giving Your
Ideas Flight!

Let the Aurelia X8 MAX give your ideas flight! With a large payload bay, this is our largest platform designed for professional and industrial use.

The X8 MAX features unbeatable versatility for a wide range of payloads and is capable of carrying up to 11 kg (24 lb). It is designed to fall under the 25kg (55 lb) MTOW limit under FAA and EASA rules.

The Aurelia X8 MAX is delivered ready to fly out of the box with minimal setup required. Just install your payload and take it to the skies!

Aurelia X8 MAX Front View
Aurelia X8 MAX Top Plate Flight Controller

Flight Controller

The Aurelia X8 MAX features an open-source Pixhawk flight controller, offering endless possibilities to customize your drone for your specific operation.

The standard configuration is set up with ArduPilot software, however, upon request, we can install PX4 instead.

We offer both the Cube Orange and Cube Blue flight controllers. You can learn more information about both options further down the page.


We are proud to support domestic supply chains in our products. The Aurelia X8 MAX features extensive use of U.S. manufactured components throughout its systems.

The Cube Blue flight controller and onboard electronics are all manufactured in California, giving you the performance, reliability, and sophistication Aurelia Aerospace strives for.

The Aurelia X8 MAX is both NDAA 848 and TAA compliant.

Aurelia X8 MAX Top Plate
Aurelia X8 MAX Status Panel and Battery Connections

LCD Status Panel

Designed for ease of use, the Aurelia X8 MAX features an LCD status display at the side of the aircraft.

The status display gives you quick insight into the current flight mode, GPS satellites locked, failsafe warnings, battery levels, and more. Another design feature designed to enhance ease of use is an onboard mini toolkit.

The toolkit features all the hex wrenches used in the Aurelia X8 MAX allowing you to quickly make repairs, or swap propellers when out in the field even if you forget your own tools!

8 Motors for
Extra Reliability

When a drone that uses only 4 motors loses an engine, the aircraft will immediately lose stability and come crashing to the ground.

With the 8-motor configuration on the Aurelia X8 MAX you can fly with peace of mind, knowing that even in the case of a motor failure, the aircraft will stay airborne and maintain stable flight.

Aurelia X8 MAX for Extra Reliability
Aurelia Lifetime Support

Product Support

Have peace of mind knowing that Lifetime Product Support comes included with the Aurelia X8 MAX.

Upon receiving your Aurelia X8 MAX, one of our technicians will schedule an introductory Zoom call with you to go over the aircraft and answer any questions you may have prior to the first flight.

If you ever require any further help with the Aurelia X8 MAX, you can simply scan the QR code sticker attached to your airframe to book a Zoom call.

This product support is included for the life of the Aurelia X8 MAX at no extra cost.

Fully Foldable
for Easy Transport

In less than 30 seconds, with a click of the button on each arm joint, the Aurelia X8 MAX can instantly fold down, allowing for quick disassembly and easy transportation.

Aurelia X8 MAX Folded

Planning Software

With more than 20 available flight modes, including a new swarm mode (allowing you to fly multiple X8 aircraft at once), the Aurelia X8 MAX has a flight mode for any mission.

The free QGroundControl (QGC) mission planning software available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices allows you to set flight modes, program routes over a Google Maps overlay, set altitudes, geofencing, and much more.

Alternatively, Mission Planner software (also free) is recommended for those looking for mission planning software with additional functionality.

QGroundControl Mission Planning

Designed for

Reliability, Sophistication,
Performance & Versatility

As a platform that is relied on by some of the world's top research institutions, companies, and government agencies, extensive thoughts have gone into the design, and engineering of every aspect of the Aurelia X8 MAX to create a platform that delivers reliability, sophistication, and performance.

Try Before You Buy

We are proud to offer a free 30-day trial program in partnership with Aurelia Aerospace.

The program allows registered businesses, government entities, and educational institutions to receive the Aurelia X8 MAX or another Aurelia Aerospace model to try for 30 days at no cost. There is no prepayment, no commitment, and no deposit necessary.

Please talk to one of our drone specialists to request a demo.

Aurelia - Try Before You Buy
Aurelia 6 months warranty

6-month warranty

The Aurelia X8 MAX comes with a 6-month warranty. This warranty covers any components that fail on the drone within the first 6 months.

There is also a 2-year extended warranty available.

ArduPilot Official Partner

Open-Source Software

Aurelia Aerospace is an official ArduPilot partner. ArduPilot is the most advanced, full-featured, and reliable drone open-source software. The ArduPilot Open-source software is constantly evolving and being improved by a diverse team of developers worldwide.

Aurelia EDU - GOV Pricing

EDU / GOV Pricing

Aurelia Aerospace has special pricing for EDU and GOV agencies. Please contact one of our customer service representatives for more information.

Aurelia X8 MAX Horizontal Website Poster


Aurelia X8 MAX - Technical Drawing 25k Battery - M600 Spacing
Max Flight Time 50 Minutes
UAV Empty Weight 6800g | 14.99 lb
UAV Weight Incl. Batteries 12900g | 28.44 lb
Payload Capacity 11000g | 24.25 lb
UAV MTOW 23900g | 52.69 lb
Max. Flight Speed 35 mph | 56 km/h
Max. Wind Resistance 20 mph | 32 km/h
Max. Service Ceiling 3000m ASML
Data Link Encryption
HereLink Black,
HereLink Blue, and RFD900X

UXV Navigator Tab 3
915 MHz (Worldwide)
433 MHz (Europe)
2.4 GHz (HereLink Ground
Station Only)
Operating Range
3 mi (5 km)
Upgraded Transmitter:
3 mi (5 km)
Battery Type Standard:
Lithium Polymer
Heavy-Duty High-Performance (HDHP)
Battery Capacity 2 x 25,000 mAh
Battery Voltage 44.4V
GPS Constellations GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou,
L2 Band (concurrently)
LiDAR Accuracy
+/- 2.5 cm
LiDAR Range
0 - 40 Meters
Compass RM3100
Redundancy 2 Accelerometer / 2 Gyroscope /
1 Mag
ADS-B uAvionix 1090 with a 12-mile
(20 km) range
Europe/UK Drone Class
C3 Class
Export Control Classification (ECCN) EAR99
FAA Logo

Remote ID Compliant

The Aurelia X8 MAX is Remote ID compliant. All Aurelia drones shipped to the USA will standard include a Remote ID module.

In case you have bought an Aurelia drone in the past, we also sell the Remote ID units separately, which you can then mount on your current drone.

Transport Canada Logo

Advanced Operations Compliance -

The Aurelia X8 MAX has an RPAS Safety assurance with Transport Canada to perform advanced operations in controlled airspace (Class A-F) and near people.

Technical Documentation

Documentation Request

Are you interested in one of the Aurelia drones yourself and would like to read more about the drone specifications?

Request it here by filling in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Aurelia User Manual

    Aurelia X8 MAX Battery Bay and Payload Bay

    Large Payload Bay

    The payload is perhaps one of the most important parts of your UAV. The Aurelia X8 MAX features a large payload bay, allowing for a wide variety of payloads up to 11 kg (24 lb). Below are some of our most popular payload options, however, if you have any questions about configuring your payload, or would like to add a payload that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our support agents.

    Aurelia X8 Power Distribution

    High Quality

    Electronics for the Aurelia X8 MAX have been custom designed and fabricated by Aurelia Aerospace, designed to deliver performance, reliability, versatility, and sophistication.

    Aurelia IP Rated Motors


    Aurelia Aerospace's custom-designed motors are IP rated, allowing you to fly in dusty or wet environments without issue.

    The octocopter design allows the Aurelia X8 MAX to operate with only 8 functional motors, allowing for increased reliability and protection of your payload.

    In the event the Aurelia X8 MAX is involved In a crash, the propellers are designed to shear, protecting the motors and electronics from costly damage.

    Aurelia Assist Logo

    Aurelia Assist

    Your Personal Assistant - 24/7

    Record flight and maintenance logs, view flight checklists, check detailed weather reports, review no-fly zones and restricted flight zones around you, search a digital user manual, and much more with your virtual assistant, Aurelia Assist!

    The application is easily accessible via any internet browser on a cell phone, tablet, or computer, and all data is stored securely in the cloud. No software downloads are needed.

    Aurelia Assist Includes
    Flight Simulator Software to Practice*

    Avoid costly crashes and become an expert at flying your Aurelia X8 MAX without ever touching your physical drone. Included with Aurelia Assist, the flight simulator compatible with Windows computers allows you to use the Radiomaster transmitter included with your Aurelia X8 MAX, connected to your computer via USB to practice flying.

    Program flights using Mission Planner in the simulator, and see how changes to the aircraft's configuration affect its flight performance. See how wind, environmental changes, and more affect the performance of the drone using adjustable settings in the software.

    *The simulator is used through the Steam platform

    Aurelia Flight Simulator

    Travel Case Options

    Travel Case + AirTag (bundle)

    To ensure the traceability of your drone during transportation, the optional Travel Case now comes standard with an Apple AirTag installed inside it.

    Pair the included AirTag with any iOS device and know where exactly your drone is at all times using the Find My app. Enjoy peace of mind and ensure your drone shipment is never lost by an airline or shipping company when moving from one location to another.

    In case you are interested in getting a travel case for your drone, please check out the Explorer and Ultimate bundle offer at the bottom of the page, or select it as a separate product at the add-ons section at the bottom of the page.

    Wheel Base + Handle (add-on)

    To make transport of your travel case even easier, a wheelbase and handle are added when a travel case is bought for your drone. The wheels are put on one side of the travel case and can be dragged around by pulling on the lever on the other side.

    With the creation of this robust structure, the travel case remains the same strong heavy-duty travel case without harming the mobility of the travel case making personal transport of the travel case a very convenient experience.

    In case you are interested in getting a travel case for your drone, please check out the Explorer and Ultimate bundle offer at the bottom of the page, or select it as a separate product at the add-ons section at the bottom of the page.

    Aurelia Drones In Action

    What is included?

    Aurelia X8 MAX Starter Bundle
    • 1x Aurelia X8 MAX UAV
      Configured & Ready To Fly
    • 2x Aurelia 25,000 mAh 12S 44.4V
      Heavy-Duty High-Performance (HDHP) Batteries
    • 1x Fast Charging LiPo Balance Charger
    • 2x LiPo Firesafe Storage Bags With Handle
    • 2x 18650 Li-Ion Controller Batteries
      (Radiomaster Option)
    • 1x Radiomaster TX16S Controller
      (Radiomaster Option)
    • 1x Radiomaster TX16S Transmitter Case
      (Radiomaster Option)
    • 1x Aurelia Aerospace Safety Vest
    • 1x Aurelia Aerospace Lanyard
    • 2x Aurelia Aerospace Stickers
    • 1x Mini Tool Kit
    • 8x Propeller Arm Holders
    • 1x Ground Telemetry Radio
      (915 MHz / 433 MHz (EU))
    • 1x 8GB Micro SD Card
    • 1x Cleaning Cloth + Airframe Cleaner

    1 - Choose your bundle

    Starter Bundle

    Aurelia X8 MAX - Standard Bundle Pricing
    Aurelia X8 MAX Starter Bundle
    • All of the items above

    Explorer Bundle

    Aurelia X8 MAX - Explorer Bundle Pricing

    Save $1,100 with the Explorer Bundle

    Aurelia X8 MAX Explorer Bundle


    Aurelia X8 MAX Explorer Bundle combi
    • All of the items in the first image
    • 1x Travel Case + AirTag
    • 1x Spare Battery Set (2 pcs)
    • 2x LiPo Battery Bags
    • 1x Spare Propeller Set (8 pcs)
    • 4x Propeller Protection bags
    • 1x Aurelia Drone Landing Pad

    Ultimate Bundle

    Aurelia X8 MAX - Ultimate Bundle Pricing

    Save $1,740 with the Ultimate Bundle

    Aurelia X8 MAX Ultimate Bundle


    Aurelia X8 MAX Ultimate Bundle combi
    • All of the items in the first image
    • 1x Travel Case + AirTag
    • 2x Spare Battery Sets (4 pcs)
    • 4x LiPo Battery Bags
    • 2x Spare Propeller Sets (16 pcs)
    • 8x Propeller Protection bags
    • 1x Aurelia Drone Landing Pad

    2 - Optional Services

    Aurelia Assist Logo

    Lifetime Membership
    (+$599.95 USD)

    • Flight Simulator Software*
    • Manage flight logs
    • Manage maintenance logs
    • Pre and post-flight checklists
    • Ongoing Lifetime Videocall Support
    • Product support in the app
    • Digital, searchable user manual
    • Spare parts and accessories available with one tap
    • $500 line of credit with Aurelia Aerospace for spare parts/accessories**
    • Free priority shipping on all spare product purchases to limit downtime
    • View drone laws by country before you travel
    • Application fee waived for international drone permit requests
    • 50% discount on engineering modification requests
    • Extensive weather report of flying area
    • Third-party applications

    * Choose to purchase the Aurelia Assist Application and flight simulator to enhance your flight preparation and experience. Aurelia
    Assist is not required to operate your drone.

    ** Total outstanding amount will be charged on the first of the next month

    Aurelia 2-Year Extended Drone Warranty

    2-Year Extended Warranty (X8 MAX)
    ($ 2,799.95 USD)

    With the 2-Year Extended Warranty, you can increase the warranty of your Aurelia X8 MAX from 6 months to 2 years. The warranty begins the day you receive everything and covers any parts that are faulty during this period or any damage to the aircraft that occurs due to manufacturing defects or faulty parts.

    The Extended Warranty is valid for unlimited operating hours during the 2 Year period.

    3 - Choose your Transmitter

    Radiomaster Flight Transmitter

    Radiomaster TX16s
    (Bundle Included)

    Our standard flight transmitter included with your drone is the Radiomaster TX16S. It is designed for manual flight only. To program auto flights with GPS waypoints you will need a laptop alongside the Radiomaster, or you can upgrade to the popular Skydroid H16, HereLink Black, or UXV Navigator Tab 3.

    This Radiomaster has the following features:

    • 16 channels
    • 4.3" color display to see live telemetry data from the aircraft
    • Compatible with OpenTX
    • High-Quality Hall Sensor Gimbals
    • Ability to swap radio modules allowing you to use longer-range radios such as the RFD900 TX Mod
    HereLink Black Flight Transmitter

    HereLink Black

    Enhance your operation by upgrading to the HereLink Black ground station. The HereLink Black ground station is a popular upgrade that allows you to manually fly your drone, view a live video feed from the aircraft at all times, and program automated missions on a Google Maps overlay.

    The HereLink Black has the following features:

    • 3 Functions in 1 unit - view live HD video feed at all times, manually fly the aircraft, and program auto missions using a Google Maps overlay
    • See the live aircraft location on a Google Maps interface
    • 2 mini HDMI video ports allow you to have two cameras connected and switch between the video feeds
    • 6 customizable buttons for functions
    • Flight range up to 5 km (3 mi)
    • AES-128 Encryption
    • Includes pre-installed 1080p camera
    • This upgrade replaces the Radiomaster TX16S transmitter with the HereLink Black Ground Station + HD Camera
    Skydroid H16 Flight Transmitter

    Skydroid H16

    The Skydroid H16 is a great alternative to the Herelink Black ground station with a number of improvements. The Skydroid H16 allows you to manually fly your drone, view a live video feed from the aircraft at all times, and program automated missions on a Google Maps overlay.

    The Skydroid H16 has the following features:

    • 7-inch HD highlight display, which is the largest and brightest screen of any of our transmitter options
    • RJ45 Ethernet port available
    • Independent joystick and additional switches available for better gimbal and payload control
    • 3 Functions in 1 unit. View live HD video feed, manually fly the aircraft, and program auto missions
    • Touchscreen for ease of use
    • QGroundControl & Mission Planner installed
    • Flight range up to 5 km (3 mi)
    • AES-128 Encryption
    • Includes pre-installed 1080p camera
    • This upgrade replaces the Radiomaster TX16S transmitter with the Skydroid H16 + HD Camera
    UVX Navigator Tab 3 - Front View Product

    UXV Navigator Tab 3

    Enhance your operation with an advanced flight transmitter upgrade, the UXV Navigator Tab 3 Ground Station. This transmitter version allows you to manually fly your drone, view a live video feed from the aircraft at all times, and program automated missions on a Google Maps overlay.

    The UXV Navigator Tab 3 has the following features:

    • Best solution for NDAA Made-in-USA transmitter
    • NDAA 848 / TAA Compliant
    • 3 Functions in 1 unit - view live HD video feed at all times, manually fly the aircraft, and program auto missions using a Google Maps overlay
    • Flight range up to 5 km (3.1 mi)
    • 8-inch bright HD Display to operate in bright light conditions
    • USB-C / Wi-Fi connectivity
    • QGroundControl & Mission Planner installed
    • See the live aircraft location on a Google Maps interface
    • 1 video port to connect a camera and see a live feed
    • AES-256 Encryption
    • This upgrade replaces the Radiomaster TX16S transmitter with the UXV Navigator Tab 3 + HD Camera
    • The included 1080P HD Camera is installed on a fixed front-facing mount on your drone, however, it can be installed in a different position upon request

    4 - Choose your Flight Controller

    Cube Orange Flight Controller

    Cube Orange
    Flight Controller

    The Cube Orange autopilot is a very powerful model in the Cubepilot ecosystem. It is designed for hobby users, commercial system integrators, and UAS manufacturers the Cube Orange autopilot is part of a wide ecosystem of autopilot modules and carrier boards.

    The Cube Orange is available now includes an integrated ADS-B In module from uAvionics.

    Cube Blue Flight Controller

    Cube Blue
    Flight Controller

    Based on the Cube series, the Pixhawk Cube Blue is the U.S-made version of the Cube. It features triple-redundant accelerometers, and gyroscopes, along with an onboard heater, designed to keep the IMU and sensors at consistent temperatures ensuring more consistent performance.

    The Cube Blue sits on top of an easy-to-use carrier board and features 1090 ADS-B, allowing you to see and avoid any aircraft in your vicinity.

    5 - Choose your Payload

    Aurelia X8 MAX Battery Bay and Payload Bay

    Any possible payload

    Take photos, deliver packages such as medical equipment or pizzas, or use your drone for surveying or agricultural purposes. The Aurelia X8 MAX is made to last. Tell us your requirements and our engineers will help you get your project launched.

    Gremsy Mio

    Gremsy Mio Gimbal

    $ 1,649.95 USD

    Gremsy T3-V3

    Gremsy T1 V3 add-on

    $ 2,499.95 USD

    Gremsy T7

    Gremsy T7 Camera Gimbal add-on

    $ 2,849.95 USD

    Other Gimbal
    (agent follow-up)

    Other Gimbal

    $ ?

    Payload Release

    Payload Release Mechanism

    $ 299.95 USD

    Jetson Companion

    Jetson Companion Computer add-on

    $ 399.95 USD


    MicaSense RedEdge-MX add-on

    $ 4,999.95 USD

    Sony A6000

    Sony A6000 Camera add-on

    $ 899.95 USD

    Horizontal Liquid
    Spraying Kit

    Spray soaker Full Front View

    $ 1,399.95 USD

    Drone Water
    Sampling Device

    Water Sampling Device

    $ 799.95 USD

    Seed Spreader
    Application Device

    Seed Spreader Application

    $ 799.95 USD

    6 - Additional options

    The following are additional parts and accessories for the Aurelia X8 MAX. If you have any questions about configuring these, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our support agents.

    Aurelia X8 MAX Drone Servicing Kit 101

    X8 MAX Servicing Kit 101

    $ 799.95 USD

    We have carefully tailored the Drone Servicing Kit 101 to include 101 of the most common parts that are most likely to get damaged in the event of a crash.

    The Servicing Kit 101 consists of 2 fully assembled arms, 2 completely assembled legs, plus 97 other common parts.

    Save money compared to buying these parts individually, and save time in the event of a crash by adding the Servicing Kit 101 to your order today.

    Software Setup

    PX4 Upgrade

    $ 0.00 USD

    Telemetry Upgrade

    Aurelia RFD900X Telemetry Upgrade

    $ 449.95 USD

    Obstacle Avoidance

    Aurelia drone 8 sensor Lidar

    $ 899.95 USD

    Propeller Set
    (8 Pcs)

    Aurelia Propellers

    $ 259.95 USD

    Travel Case
    with Apple AirTag

    Apple AirTag with Travel Case

    $ 599.95 USD

    Extra Battery Set

    27k mAh Long-Endurance Batteries

    $ 1,699.95 USD


    RTK Kit upgrade

    $ 999.95 USD

    Strobe Light

    Cree Strobe Light

    $ 49.95 USD

    Landing Pad

    Aurelia Drone Landing Pad

    $ 59.95 USD

    Fast Charger

    Aurelia Drone Fast Charger

    $ 399.95 USD


    Ping2020i add-on

    $ 2,099.95 USD


    Ping200Sr add-on

    $ 3,999.95 USD

    Charging Pad

    Auto Charging Pad add-on

    $ 4,799.95 USD


    MavCam add-on

    $ 599.95 USD


    Aurelia Custom Propeller Guards add-on

    $ 399.95 USD

    Dual GPS

    Dual GPS add-on

    $ 1,199.95 USD

    Reach M+
    Mapping Kit

    Reach M+ Mapping Kit add-on

    $ 999.95 USD

    Landing Gear

    Retracting Landing Gear add-on

    $ 399.95 USD

    Surface Go 2

    Surface Go2 add-on

    $ 599.95 USD

    The Aurelia Aerospace Promise

    At Aurelia Aerospace our mission is to give our customers ideas flight. Whether that is using one of our platforms to perform medical deliveries in Africa or carrying a specialized sensor for research, we want to give your idea flight.

    That is why we offer all customers the chance to try our products for 30 days with no commitment. If after 30 days you are not happy with our product for whatever reason, we will refund the total amount for your purchase, plus give you $100 to use towards another platform to ensure you are able to give your ideas flight.

    We'd like to be a part of your project!

    Talk to one of our drone specialists to get your project started